Emirates airlines

Emirates airlines:

Emirates Airlines, is one of the leading aviation companies in the region and is considered one of the pioneers globally.
To study their case we launched a campaign to track and monitor the user journey and behavior (onsite-off-site). We found that there is a major loss in booking because of visa establishment while users spent the needed time and reached the desired flow.
So, we maintain the user experience and enhance our campaigns and ROI.
What we did for them was:
1-      Developing a Visa system for foreigners digitally, and optimize the experience for the users with booking system integration and 3 communication channels.
2-      Launching a campaign in 11 countries (their citizens needs entrance visa) and convert the audience to start using this system.
3-      Manage the social media accounts to promote the service and engage more.
Our campaign was customized and results were oriented, we took every country and made our communication with them based on their culture while marketing the values of visiting Dubai and show them how it’s easy and one click away.
In social media we promote for the competitive prices and for the experience people who might have once booked with Emirates, we monitor the social platforms in all countries and connect our content with the highest trending topics using targeting posts content also.
Our module in social media was (listen, monitor, engage), we monitor every mention happened in the digital horizon and engage with it to convert it to the ultimate results.