The term “breaking the internet” is not even close to describe how phenomenal Ficall took over the region. The timing of the outbreak timed with the release of the new iphone4 hence making the mass thirsty for more apps to use on their smart phones aside Skype as it was the only competitors back then. New Aeon was the key player in creating not only the application but also the website for all platforms also made the app available on all platforms: Android & iOs , Symbian , windows and blackberry , we also managed the social media presence and campaign that became an instant hit. Their campaigns considered as one of the biggest campaigns Globally, and we worked with the biggest European and American websites on ground, for the region we introduced a new techniques and practices that deliver it. After 6 months the company was worth 500M .

Link : Ficall   Pyramids 234x60

Link : Ficall BB 234x60

Link : Ficall Pyramids 300x250

Link :  Ficall BB 300x250 

Link : Ficall Pyramids 300x250

Link : Ficall BB 300x250