About IMC Digital

We were and still one of the pioneers in online and digital marketing in the region, at 2008 we started our journey, we still remember the days when we visited clients and explained for them what we do and how they reacted, we were there when online was only about email shots and SMS, and websites were only for general information.
We were there when the biggest campaigns or acquisitions happened in the region as we launched these campaigns and worked as consultant for the biggest e-commerce “s .
We were also there when Instagram became a major player in social media regionally and when Snapchat was used to strengthen business.
All these efforts and struggles we have been through made us who we are today, proud of our history, living the future now, for us the biggest reward is sustaining our relations with our clients and that’s what we did and keep doing.
Our passion never fades away , we are decent and transparent to share with the clients our experience and practices even when it may have some conflicts with our interests.
we are a company equipped with unmatched marketing talents and expertise.
IMC managed to place itself as a leading provider of digital marketing services
regionally and Globally. We introduced a new marketing perspective to the market, that provides clients with detailed online marketing plans reflected by integrated strategies and programs, to help them reach their target audiences and achieve their objectives effectively, in addition to guarantee the required results as part of the agreement.
Today IMC operates regionally and in 3 continents, accredited by many global networks such as Google, Facebook and IAB(Interactive Advertising Bureau).

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