Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines:

Our mission toward Turkish Airlines online was to increase their market share in the region especially in the Levant, to do this we took access to their online presence and analyze the experiences and practices the users may face while using their website or in the other platforms.
What we have found is that the search volume for airlines in Arabic are more than in English and people are using different terms when they need to book a flight.

On the other hand, we analyzed the most destinations people are searching for and flights they booked, day over day, week over week, while monitoring seasons and the market.

And since their website does not support Arabic language and cannot be customized, we integrate these key points and create for them landing pages (Micro-sites) for every country we are targeting and customized the visual and textual communications using every country language and make it specific by destinations generated from external platforms (search engine or social platforms ) also, for the marketing & competitive values and how we can present them digitally while using the amusing learning technique, we launched for them a contest like “wheel of fortune “
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