5 Viral Videos

Videos Started on TV, and TV commercials were a well known and preferred source for advertising until the internet made its move and changed everything including TV ads. In a TV ad, and in order to measure the reach and frequency, you need to freeze a moment in time and approximate how many eyeballs “People "were watching the TV show at that moment. When you are using an online video, you can accurately know how many people have viewed your Ad and for how many times it was played for them and what was their level of engagement with that Ad. We have a team specialized in the video industry in all formats for all platforms and this team will study your case and objectives and suggest for you the right form to perform your videos and create it to be compatible with all platforms. The process of producing films and videos in New Aeon has a different nature, where the video script or storyboard is written by the specialized writing team in proportion to its idea and the goal of its use, then this script is handed to the designers to create designs and then it turns into animated video by using international hi-tech production programs, all of this is done through a creative tech team with extensive experiences and exceptional skills. If you are not using videos for your business you are easily losing a high chunk of the audience who is now highly interested in the visual media. Watching your videos will be remarkable and amusing, also with tangible ROI, and that is the end result that any business needs.