Moment Creation

Remember the Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie when all Celebs grouped to take a picture at the 2014 Oscars? This is a Moment created in time and in history. The Oreo Moment at the superball” You can still dunk in the dark” is a moment that Oreo captured and went viral. This is how you capture a moment and harness it and use it to market your service or product. These micro-moments are the new battlegrounds for people's hearts, minds and money being there in these moments may be the single most important thing a marketer can do, but many aren't. We are living in a moment-driven society, moments are defining the way we think, spend and act, from consumers’ biggest life-changing events down to their smallest impulses and how they will react to the advertising in one moment that can change dramatically in the next advertisement. Marketing is still largely planned against brand moments and milestones, and it is anchored to campaign flights and product launches—not personal moments like these. The reason for this is simple; most marketing plans are grounded in traditional one-way media: Broadcast from brands to large audiences. Without signals of intent, traditional media makes it impossible to know whether someone “actually” needs or wants your product.